Thursday, July 8, 2010

♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ” EVENT nyaa~

Minna~! Azu desu~

*sigh* Ryuu-chans absence makes me feel like im blogging too much kekee~~ but I console myself thinking that Im blogging for both of us ( ̄ー ̄)/


Well~ REmix is goinig off to an ANIMECON~!!! OMFG~!!!! &*(^* @#%^@!! sooo excited!! LOL~~

Its all because...

Its our first time COSPLAYING~!!! (*^◇^)/゚・ Hehe~~

Man everyone I told was surprised that I havent starting cosplaying already~~ >^< ..they were wrong tho~!! hmph!!

Soo I figured to pick an "easy" character to cosplay~ but~~ I just got obsessed with NekoJin~! (Cat-people)~~ IDEK whyy~~hee

So I did some research~~ and I've dragged Ryuu-chan along to cosplay Aoiyagi Ritsuka from "Loveless"! \(⌒▽⌒) *dances round the room*

<------ Im trying to get this look~~

Weelll it will be an interesting experience seeing how everything will turn out and also how I'd look as a guy...>__> nyaa~~!!

Ohh yeah~! I was soo excited to tell you guys bout cosplaying that I almost forgot to say which convention we are going to~~

Time~ 10.00 am-5.00 pm
When~ 24th July 2010
Venue: Hyatt Hotel/Regetta Rooms

Yeah for more info~ Click!
Ok la~~ I will update you guys on my progress~! ヾ(゚▽゚*)ノ
Heres Vistlip's new PV~! Hameln~~

Azumi ヽ(∇^*)o

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