Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Im sorry its not working~!!! U(。・x・)ノ

Azzuuuu here~! wheee~~ its the holidayyysss~! ♪

Sorry if the title alarmed you~~ but Ive been trying the whole day to customise Remixnyaa~~ ~~-(* ̄・ ̄)。。 and it has beenn failllll TT~TT I totally SUCK at these things~~ *sigh* >3<=3

All I know what to do is to change the wallpaper kekeke~~

Anyways~~I'll update you guys one what we've been duing lately~~ o(~∇~*o)

Ryuuchan and I "wagged" the FIRST day of the last day of Term 2~~ So i wont technically call it justified wagging~ Ahh after 4 yrs..it has come to this~~ bwahaha~! Yeah we went on a mission to find endorsed products~!! (^・ω・)/ Isn't Ryuu just cuuute~!

We also found Yuma's (the dude from Koishite Akuma) candy~! (yes we have nothing better to do~LOL)


On Monday~ we celebrated Hana-chan's bday~~ It was belated but we went to watch the new "Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (who really does look like Will)

The movies not too bad but its basically just a remake of the old one~ with different settings, characters, stunts and movie effects~ o( ̄▽ ̄o)

IMO however, I think it gives China a bad name as all the people and bullies are Chinese~

The gangsta-wannabe sitting beside me and his friends made pretty rasist comments (which shall not be written on here) when the lead girl came out~ o(*゚□ ゚*)o Grr

Anyways the pics are on Ryuu chans camera~~ will get it soon...

Take care everybody~!


P.s Blogger is being a Sh*t face not letting me upload picsss~~ so not many today~! m(.__.)m

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