Sunday, July 25, 2010


TT^TT i'm sorry azunyan i made you post for the last....6? posts?

Anyway konichiwa minna, i can't blog at home so i am doing this during my statistics class :P
yes i know i should be doing the set work but i really, really really don't like this subject (or the teacher) so i am going to make another post about nothing ><" GAAAAHHH how many of you have listened to the new Hey!Say!JUMP ablbum??
i have to say i enjoyed all the songs that some of the members wrote esp. Time and Ai Sukuriimu
they are so cute. so at the moment i'm going on a cute phase since i promised myself to listen to "happy" music before bed == so no heavy metal after dinner XD

another new music thing LUCIFER OMG i know azunyan likes this song as much as me (i waited 3HOURS for my internet to load the song) waaaah omfg at Key's hair what's up with the random red bleeding bit at the back O.o seriously they did it wrong, if they wanted to they should shaved the whole thing off, it would have looked better than the random partially shaven/bleached/ random hair job that's going on now. does anyone agree??
but the good points... TAEMIN!!!! kyaaa he got more mature and his dancing is fawesome!!! and Jonghyun's muscley arms XD and i still laugh at Onew, he looks more mature in this video but the concept with the 80's greece lightning ish hair really makes me LOL. and Minho should really style the front part of his hair too not just the back/top random puffs :/


why why why why why why why why!!! i mean i will still support KaTTUN and Jin doing there thing but why did they make Jin leave KATTUN, sigh and i never got to go to their concerts so i am really really sad ><"""" but i will move on from that because i don't want to go back to my =="---->TT^TT-----> >:C stage that i was in when i learnt about it last week

(i can't post any links or articles cos all my links are at home, and my teacher keeps staring at me.... maybe i should do my work.... maybe oh well.

it is almost time to go so i will try to blog again tomorow... if i can ... if i don't get caught

so i will see you all later, anyone want to spaz about any of the news feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or just comment this post.

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