Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music the love of my life~

Minna~~ haai one man show again~(*・.・)ノ

Azu da~~ as if you didnt already know that lolol

Well its the time of the month now for my TOP5 music favs~ woaah the month has passed very quickly~!! Weell its both Jpop and Kpop this time~! (-_-)ノ☆・゚ FINALLY~~

And if you guys didnt already know about it~ my top fav jpop groups, NEWS finally finally released a new single Let's be Funky~! There isnt an official cover for it though but I do know that they will be going on tour~in september.9/19・20 at Kyocera and 9/25・26・27 at Tokyo dome~! FINALLY FINALLY~~~ ahh m(._.)m Soo excited~!!

@credits NEWS LJ

Soredewa~~ Lets start~! ☆♪
In no particular order...

1. SCANDAL- Namida no Regret

2. Yamapi- One in a million
Man hes SEXY~!! x3 Hes under Akame tho www

3.K.Will- Tears are dropping
Ive just recently fallen in love with his voice again~ and this is my favourite song of his~~ ahhh

4. Ayumi Hamasaki- Moon
She's sooo gorgeous!!!

5. Se7en- Better together
Man u dont know how excited i was for this~~ its been agess! keke

Ok so here goes~~ and tomz DOUJIN~!!!! *dances round room*



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