Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doujin Overload 2010 ft. Remix~! ☆

♪d(´▽`)b♪ Konbanwa minnasan~!!

Azzuuu da~

Kyuu~ Hows everybody? Gomena I didn't blog about Doujin~~ its almost been a week since~ T~T gomenaa~~

Jaaa~ヽ(*’-^*)。Lets get to piccy spam ne?

We got there at about 9.30-ish? But these were the stalker pics we took of the very first cosplay we saw~~ Kyuu!!! (yes its my current fav word~keke)

You can't really see them~~ but they were the twins with pink hair?!? and green seifuku? (Faill otaku-ness) Bleh (o≧▽゚)oニパッ I was sooo excited to see cosplayers cos the chances of seeing them have been next to nil for me T^T

Anyways~~ we were early~ so Ryuu-chan and I went to get some paan ("bread" ><.. I've been speaking Japlish ever since Sat LOL)

Oooshiiiii~! I want some now~ The one on the right is Choco-pan and Polo-pan~ ☆ That was my brekkie kekekeke

Anyways~~ we found a good place with lighting to camwhore~~ jyaaaan~ ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ"

(´ェ`*) nyaa my skirt wasnt behaving~ blehhhhh

We also found the Graphic Novel Cafe~!

After Ryuu-chans parents and sister got to the city (to support her brother)~
Off we went to Doujin~! (─▽─) Mann our neko costumes looked sooo uber uncool among all the other "pro" looking cosplayss puahaha O(≧∇≦)O

We saw many other cosplays too~

Man it was like otaku heavenn!! There were sooo many things for sale~! Fan-art, Bookmarks, POsters, Plushies, Figurines, Key chains, Manga~! kyaaa (*´ο`*)=3 Tanoshikatta~!

Heres our haul~! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ uaa theyre are soooo kawaii~! Below: Some of my favourite ones~

Right: The two bookmarks were drawn by Hana-chans friend Aiki~! ☆ Soo talented!

After that REMIX went to camwhore, purikura and then went home~ Guuuu soo tired after!! LOL good thing I didnt wear my lolita-esque shoes -_-;; thats would've been KILLER.

Haai~! ja thats the end of Doujin Overload 2010~! Yipee~! Hoope you guys can come next year~! (Its name is being changed to "OVERLOAD 2011" next year btw) (*^^*)

I will blog again tomorrow cos its T.O.D~! yay~!! noo school~!

I have also dubbed 2mrw as "Japanese day" I will try to live as a Japanese (how? I will figure it out kekeeke) Yeah I copying my Unnie who had a live like a TRUE Korean for a month~@_@

jyaa I'll blog about how its goes puahahah (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)



  1. Haha! I see something from my stall. :) Thanks for stopping by!