Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been a while ,~(-.-)~'

It's COLD!!! ><"

Ryuu here ^^

hows everyone going? this weeks been so long/ short/ tiring/laid back kinda week, you know what i mean? it's tripping my brain out sigh...

anyway since i haven't been on for a while i thought i might just do another random talk (cos my internet is still dead if i wanna surf the blagosphere)

first up isn't this funny :P

it's a tissue holder that my friend got from some restaraunt isn't it cool

so yeah....
Well i can't add any more photos yet so i'm gonna just talk
== GOMENASAI!!!!!!!!! Orz
Don't you get pissed off when you can't eat in class?
i'm taking mostly science based subjects so being in the labis a must and well to eat in it is so unsafe
or when you're trying to study you eat? RIGH RIGHT RIGHT???
you can probably tell i am hungry :P
Like when you study... i'm sure most student's have this problem, as soon as they sit down they feel hungry, or they must clean the space they're studying in??
i am not good at studying so most of the time when i do either i'm procrastinating XD
anyway i shall leave y'all to post something abou this and i promise the next post will be better ==" ^^

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