Sunday, May 9, 2010

WaT to release 2 new singles after 2 years of waiting

here's another random Ryuu update ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^
FINALLY!!!! d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

WaT fans after waiting a good two years for the duo to come back and make music are finally awarded with this twitter post:
  1. 7月28日発売 「君が僕にKissをした」 9月8日発売 「24/7~もう一度~」 July 28th sale “Did you Kiss in me” September 8th sale “The 24/7~ once more the ~”
  2. WaT2年ぶりにシングル2枚をリリースします!Single 2 release are done after WaT 2 year!

    (yup straight from:
    and if your still doubtful:







    and for all those that cannot read jap (like me TT____TT) here's it translated

    Thank you for waiting!

    Releases two singles WaT2 years!

    Released July 28, "Kiss me with you."

    Released September 08, "24 / 7 - again -"

    Please look forward to his singing and 2 people.

    And this summer, Yarimasu FC event
    I also live with a slightly different - I want to do.
    WaT hard going through the summer - at the center.
    Have fun!

    source: >← official WaT blog if you wish to read it from there first :D it's from the shared WaT section of the blog as there are three to choose (WaT, Eiji Wentz version and Koike Teppei version))

    (\(OoO)/) woooooooot!!!!

    who else is excited to hear these two voices???

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