Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are they just a pretty face?~(*^・ェ・^*)ノ PLUS Versailles goodness

(。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ♪
Yo yo yo~! Bro~!o( ̄・・ ̄o) kekeke

Just a quick post then i have to start studying for my Japanese speech~~(´ω`。)~~
Thats is on the topic of~~


Yess thats the interesting question~~ For girls they are mostly really nice and polite as I have lots of Japanese friends as well as ocassional homestays~~ (we only get girls for sum reason??)

But the conversation Hana-chan and I were having in Bio...got me thinking~~
She was spazzing bout the hot/cute japanese guy she met at ping pong~~ but... her friends say he is soo up himself and vain~~

This reminded me of how Yuu-kun was telling me that her friend Ryo, who is Japanese, is really vain~~ LOL He likes to brag about how all the girls have a crush on him~~ Though I cant really make this assumption cos i've only talked to him once through msn LOL~ but i think this is in fact true~~

I dont mean to say that each and EVERY Japanese guy out there is like that.. but from my experiences~~ they are pretty vain~~though they are just as polite and nice as the girls.

I think its the way the Japanese are brought up...to take pride in their appearances and as they as so called *qoute form my mom* feminine looking~ I can see why... Basically Japanese girls must be a pretty high standard and AWESOME taste that Japanese guys are like who they are today hehe~~ If it benefits the rest of the population... why not ehh?? \(○^ω^○)/

But there are a few exceptionsss of girly guys that are wayy prettier than girlss~! (if you have any others please feel free to list ♪ ) These are in no particular order:

1. Seto Koji

Kyaa sooo cute (〜*▽*)〜 I first saw him in the dorama "Koizora" ☆★ Totally reccomend it~!

2. Tatsuya Ueda from KATTUN

Kawaii ne~! ♪┌(∵)┘♪└(∵)┐

And lastly~~

3. Maysumoto Jun from Arashi~! (There is no way he can be left out from the list!)

To me he looks EXACTLY like a woman (?) kekeke (^_−)


I FINALLY got Versailles "new" album JUBILEE which came out agess ago~~ but my bandwidth died~ TT_TT

*Sigh* Everytime I listen to "Serenade" I almost cry thinking about Jasmine You T^T R.I.P~

I've been listening to the album the whole night and it is pretty good especially the 10+minute opening track "God Palace-Method of Inheritance~! kyaaa (o≧▽゚)o

Ahh Kamijo looks good with shorter hair o(≧∇≦)o
Jaaa~~ Chem and Jap hmk is calling meeee >^<>
Gооd Йight○o。(´-ω-`*)φZz...

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