Monday, May 17, 2010

KYAAAA~ SuG NEW LOOK!!! and rice balls

ryuu desu~~ how's everyone?

don't these guys look adorable!!!

me : takeru
Part : Vocal
Blood type : O
Birthday : May 11th
Height : 162cm
Weight : 49kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : watching a movie, Shopping, searching beautiful things
Favorite brand : MALKOMALKA, PhilipBrown, ktz, bernhard willhelm, galaxxxy, GUT'S, DYNAMITE CABARETS, LINDA, SLY, SPX, LOS VEGA, NEW ERA
Perfume : BOUDOIR
Favorite word : 泰山北斗(TAIZAN HOKUTO)
Message : show me your charming smile only toward to me♪

Name : masato
Part : Guitar
Blood type : A
Birthday : May 26th
Height : 167cm
Weight : 51kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to view a landscape from my transportation.
Favorite brand : DRESS CAMP, DITA
Perfume : Pink Sugar
Favorite word : a dream and a hope
Message : Let's laughs out together and enjoy wonderful time!

Name : yuji
Part : Guitar
Blood type : B
Birthday : October 21st
Height : 168cm
Weight : 52kg
Foot size : 26.5cm
Hobby : reading a comic book、playing game
Favorite brand : Nintendo, Gibson, Fender, PRS
Perfume : None
Favorite word : なぞいでんし(nazo idenshi), 安全第一(anzen dai-ichi)
Message : Let's have a fun☆

Name : Chiyu
Part : Bass
Blood type : O
Birthday : December 27th
Height : 174cm
Weight : 56kg
Foot size : 27.5cm
Hobby : Shopping, billiards, and boring
Favorite brand : PPFM, RUPERT, PATRICK COX, GUCCI, Justin Davis
Perfume : BVLGARI pour Homme
Favorite word : 成せば成る☆(naseba naru)
Message : welcome to a fatal community [yah]♪

Name : shinpei
Part : Drum
Blood type : O
Birthday : March 20th
Height : 158cm
Weight : 40kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to take a nap
Favorite brand : Vivienne Westwood, PPFM
Favorite word : 習うより慣れろ (narauyori narero)
Message : Nice to meet you! Please give your support☆

not sure why but i always look for takeru no matter what pic or pv it is i have to see what crazy cute face he's making :P


the second one is pretty much all in japanese so for those who can navigate that site there you go ^^ but i just use their myspace or whatever random news i find of the net (._.)

so that's my news for the day

on another random note guy's and their rice balls XD
yes that was what i meant to say
but anyway.....
a while back i went to Azunyan's old schools cultural festival and i have to say for a really small school ~1800 students maybe (our current one has ~2500 students) they had a really good festival.

so anyway, before we had to leave we went to say hi to her old friends and while we were there i was attacked and made to take one of the rice balls made by their exchange students at the time.... and at that time all i knew was it was made by a dude and no one wanted to eat it... that didn't sound too promising to me either but i was hungry so i ate it.

To describe the rice ball it pretty much was a ball, no regular triangle shape nicely packed thing. It was BALL shaped and compressed so hard i had a hard time splitting it with Azu. but it tasted good so i guess that's all that matters.

so i want to know, is that how all guys make their rice balls or was it just cos they were tired and felt like it? i mean i tried with my small hands, but it just made all the rice slip between my fingers, just didn't work.
how do you make your rice balls?

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