Sunday, May 16, 2010

ビッグバン ♪イェーイ ヾ(≧ー≦)ゞ ヾ(_ _)〃

Minaaaaa~~ konnyanyachiba~! ♪\*≧Д≦>
今日は みな いいおてんきですか?

今日はあたし あたらしい ブログは しょうかいにしますう~!~♪(*´○`)o
Today, I just want to introduce my new Japanese blog~

ここで、わたしの 何々言葉があります~ 自分の ブログです~!本当にうれしいかったでした~でも、あたし日本語をへたですば~ 恥ずかしいです。(_ _) ごめんな(゜ーÅ)~
Here, you can find my daily ramblings and other stuff~~ just another place to overload xD But eventhough its in jap...i suck at it....sooo soryy if you dont understand la~~ m(_ _)m

OF COURSE I'll still be here~~ but i dont want this blog for me to rant....must be sumthing productive... >___> (sureee) xD

Sooo yess when Missy Ryuunabe-kun (she sound like fooood) here...send me the pics i'll post up the tutorial I've been meaning to post~~gahh im hungryy T_T *cries*

I know i was suppose to post the top hat tut agessss ago... but the thing is that..we didnt end up going to piknic it was in a possshhh restaurant soo noo dressing up (o・ω・o)

nyaaa i cant spell...but ooohhh lalala~~ have you seen Big Bang's new MV?? gyaa my hubbie is smoking~! (well yeah literally too) 0(><)0 BAKA TOP~!

CHEEEH~! loving the melodyyy~~

anyways gtg eat..nyaa

bai bai

(man im soo hyper >"<)

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