Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shopping for cute things

i want her tights :P

ryuu desu!!! gomen minna, it's been a while and my posts really don't have much significant value news wise lately, just haven't been feeling up to checking all the news sites ≧x≦

soooo.... anyway i'd like to say that Azunyan and i are working on getting some more photos of things up and about what we do normally and our friends so look forward to it (^.^)

because i did bad hair last time i think todays topic should be nice and cute, what do you think?

so today's topic!!!! CLOTHES!! and stuff that go with talking about clothes :P

NICE GUYS!!! okay i've had this convo with my english class and it's always ended up as:
Bad guys have become overrated

anyone else think so? lately it hasn't been about the guys who just leave you hanging and all that but about guys who will look after you in the long run, maybe it's cos we're all seniors and the thought of marriage to a prick in the future scares us. gosh i feel old
so if anyone else thinks so i'd like to share this site to you


yes the guys in the pic kinda look odd but i love there little awkward turtle toy and domokun style hat thing

the awkward turtle x3 so cute
the hat :D
trademarked i <3>

that's from Wong Fu Store if you like these you can order them from the site

next up


for all those who love everything girly and cute i'd say this site is for you, personally i'm more of a tom boy but i can still go AWWWW!!!! (@^_____^@) whenever i see these kinds of products

or for those who prefer indy shopping but still want cute stuff this site is for you


the site has goods ranging from overly cute to punk indy fashion plus some asian inspired stuff for those who don't quite get asian fashion but want to try it out anyway

and lastly for those who like lolita and cosplay i thought i'd add these two for you

first up lolita i like this site but their stuff i could never think of wearing cos it's just not me but i really like this shirt

next up is dun dah da dun!!!!
this site has some awesome hats too and for all those reminiscing about the good old pokemon days
lol anyone remember this?

so yes this is Ryuu with another random post again
until next time ^^

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