Thursday, May 13, 2010

(*´・ω・)ノ~~ Chaaahooo!~!!

Yo yo yo~! kekeke(人*・ω・)★

Hows everyone today??
man... i just realised that Ryuu-chan and I never take enough picssss...and we dont talk about our dear frends as much~~ m(.__.)m

So yesss we needa get that going~! ^____^
just an update on music and random stuff~~ but OMG the Oricon charts have pretty eww worthy songss this week T__T (no offense) but there is not a single song in there that is nice besides AAA's new single Yume kara samete yume.

but on to kpop news... f(x) has realeased their new song Nu ABO sometime ago... and i have to say this is their best mv eva~!!

Amber looks soo spunkadelic tho idk wats up with Krystal's hair?? O__o☆

Oh yeah as you might have noticed..we have a theme ever month for our "spazz items"and wallie ~~ Last month was Hey!Say! JUMP and LM.C~~

Soo this year is...

SHINEE~!!!! Key and JongHyun FTW~!! LOL(qq≧∇≦)☆ Ryuu-chan and I have been watching dance battles with them~~ and oh lalala~!!〜♪

The ball is almost here~~! Its in june and i havent found a dress yet T^T

I kinda know what im going to do for my hair tho~~

isnt the top hat cuteee??(*'ω'*)

hehe~~ soo lolita/gyaru rock ((´∀`●)*sigh...*

Ja ★*♪。☆*★*♪。☆*( ̄  ̄●)ノ" オヤスミィ♪ Good night~~


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