Thursday, April 21, 2011

B1A4- OK MV these guys are cute~

Ryuu here~ with KPOP! yes kpop, i haven't blogged about this in AGES!! just cos SHINEE haven't come up with any new stuff recently :( okay slash that they do have news... they're GONA DEBUT IN JAPAN SOON but the date and song is still unknown... more updates as they come

but aren't they cute~ and they're my age which makes it even better (though tbh i do fall for older guys more :P) guys it's a girl thing.... sorta well it's a me thing (look at most of my fav groups ALL older EXCEPT HSJ ^^ just cos they're awesome too... and some of the other Johnny Jr but it's more a 'like' than a KYAAA feeling for them)

anyway off topic this is B1A4~ ^^ i kinda like them... hope the industry doesn't screw them over

Album: Let's Fly Mini Album
Company: WM Entertainment
Release Date: 20th April 2011
Jinyoung (Leader/ 1991)
CNU (1991)
Baro (1992)
Sandeul (1992)
Gongchan (1993)

and i have to add this Lee Honki's latest drama... IS SO WEIRD end of that XD (cos i only watched the first ep so i hae to see the rest to fully write a review)

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