Wednesday, April 20, 2011

According to men, which male celebrity has ideal skin?

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According to men, which male celebrity has ideal skin?

In recent years, men’s beauty and skin care has taken a step into the spotlight in Japan. More and more men have become aware and careful about their skin and maintaining a clean look.

Oricon recently surveyed men between the ages of 10 and 40, asking ,“Who has the ideal skin”, and the results have been revealed!

Captivating the attention of many people after his win at the 14th Annual Junon Boy Contest, Koike Teppei has been deemed to be an “ikemen” since his debut. Through his activities in acting and singing, he’s managed to maintain beautiful skin. Koike commented, “I was never really conscious about my skincare but I’m happy. I don’t have much advice but I eat a lot of vegetables. I also have dry skin so I always use lotion.”

Partner in singing duo WaT, Wentz Eiji was chosen in second place. Many people seemed to have been captivated by his appearance in a shaving commercial. Poll takers commented, “He is half so I get the impression that his skin is clean and is a nice pale color.” Third place was SMAP’s Kimura Takuya. What seemed to have captured the attention of many men taking the survey was that despite the fact that Kimura is nearing his 40s, he himself remains youthful but his skin is also amazing as well.

Check out more of the survey results below!

1. Koike Teppei
2. Wentz Eiji
3. Kimura Takuya
4. Miura Haruma
5. Mukai Osamu
6. Tsumabuki Satoshi
7. Fukyama Masaharu
9. Okada Masaki
10. Yamashita Tomohisa

Source: ORICON

LOOOOOOOOOOOL literary rolling at the moment just when i was thinking about them XD
and remember this is GUYS choosing other GUYS, not girls (cos i know if that were the case Nino would be dominating this list or like other lists 1.ARASHI where it's supposed to be only one person it's the whole groups :P oh the power of Arashi seriously)

but yeah this is just a random post because i am procrastinating~ Azunyan do you remember?
oh and i got to remember to post the macros i made for the You&Jin fanpage here too... maybe

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