Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yo minna...

Azumi here..... >< so long havent posted here.... Its been really cold and windy here so ughhh..... for some reason.. on this blogger account... whenever I post up vids from Youtube... it hangs my internet and makes it all glithcy >< (anyone else got that problem?) Ive tried swithing computers and even tried on a diff internet server...still the same... T^T Anyways.... Ive changed the layout.... hope it doesnt rape your eyes too much..keke ^^" On hols lazy lazy..though I still have heaps of work to do =A=; I guess this blog is turning into more of a random music blog with food stuff thrown in too ehehehe... its ok... i think its good ;P well I shall try to post more too ^-^ ja nee Azumi/Mie

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