Monday, July 18, 2011

Update: Long short posts :D

Ryuu back in action~
actually not really just thought i should come back here and update since Blogger seems to be quite lonely :(
So first up JE

Jin's movie (well not his but I'm only interested in him :P) has entered the final stages of filming with only a couple months of it to go (if it all goes to schedule.) Or at least that is all i've heard. No sources because this is old news that's pretty much floating in all the Jin communities. So the 47Ronin crew will be moving from London to Japan at the end of this ... or next month to film the last bits in Japan. The official poster has been taken already (apparently) and Jin is in it.
On other Jin notes: Jin's mother's little business for doggies has reached the outer sphere thanks to Jin's little bro tweeting about it and his friend Ze... something i can't remember the name right of the top of my head. ... It seems now that the Akanishi's are on tweeter we get to hear more and more about them.
moving on.

HSJ news: Ryutaro's suspension. Still there. Not going away and he is still in a very difficult situation since he's not much of a cash cow for JE to really need to protect no matter how much we fans love him. sigh. hoping he really will end up back in the group but when JE is concerned i have no idea.

HSJ as 9 will be doing the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of The Smurf Movie where Chinen and Yamada play the smart and the clumsy Smurfs. I'll leave it to you fans out there to figure it out. It's not that hard when you know which little boy has been getting straight A's in his classes :/ oops gave it away.

The theme song will probably be like their more childish songs (more NYC) than there latest OVER. But that is still uncertain since i have nooo idea what it sounds like and won't until September (was that when it's gonna be released?)

I was supposed to post up the links to the SUMMARY Jinternational tickets here but it's slightly too late to do that now but yes SUMMARY is still on but without the obvious... Y^Y

Hikaru's drama Ikemen Desu Ne. Though is rather lacking... just because the plot was seen already int he Kversion I'm still looking forward to watching the rest as I just want to see what happens. The lead Tamamori(? i need to learn KISMAI's names soon -.-) resembles Jung Guen Suk in the eyebrow department XD yes ladies just there... since... well... I don't think he's as harsh looking when playing the role. And the lead girl whatshername ... yeah not really digging it. But still the first ep was aired last Friday the 15th so the rest of it is still unknown.

Which leads me to KISMAI (KIS MY FT2) YATTA~ the group finally gets to officially debut under AVEX and release their first single "Everybody Go" I've seen the PV (well part) and they still keep the skates and all else that makes them KISMAI :) oh and there tour already started on the 9th... oops for that too

KPOP news... Well apart from a whole bunch of Kpop groups trying to make it into the Japanese market not much to say. SHINEE's Japanese single was freaking lovely and Taemin's new style is making it hard to rank my fav's in the group again (though he was always near the top but sadly... to young ._____.)

hmmmn what else... covered JE, Kpop...


One Ok Rock is to release a few more things here and there sorry about the vagueness of this because i read it maybe.. 2 weeks ago and i'm lazy to go back and check . This post is long enough as it is.

Buru has released a Takeru (SuG) personal book. inside are a hell lot of pictures of Takeru being awesome :D.... though the one with him wearing a dress and heals makes me kinda do a double take XC the unfairness of guys having nicer legs... yeah


former Johnny's Jr's Shoon and Reon Yamashita have their own ameblo (though i know you all know) and held their first live chat with a select number of fans from around the world (they didn't know that there would be foreigners apparently they don't know their charms.) They're to hold something (i can't read the kanji) at Hello Kitty land? O_O yeah soem even there this Summer... please forgive me for wrong info =.=

Tokyo Girls style will be having their annual fashion show. This years show will be held with foods and drink that are specialties from the earthquake devastated areas.

Also Japan has beaten the USA in the FIFA? world cup ... is all i know slightly slow now -__-... gomen not a good news post but bare with me i haven't done this in a while

That's pretty much all i can think of at the top of my head. It's currenlty 31*C and with 80% humidity. Can you say cooked?

mmn well i'll be back to update again soon so enjoy :P

oh and i can't leave out this performance :D in all things cute and awesome

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