Monday, July 11, 2011

Dolly legs are the next thing O_o?

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Get Dolled Up With Ball Joint Stockings

Dolls Have Been Imitating Us Since Their Creation, Now It's Time to Turn the Tables

Via Asiajin, if you ever wanted to look like a ball joint doll,

is offering the fashion item to do the trick. If they weren't back ordered, then for 2,000 yen you could get a pair of "Kyutai Kansetsu Sutokkingu"(Spherical Joint Stockings), painted with marking to suggest the defining the ball and socket joints of Dollfies and the general class of figure.

My thoughts... I kinda find them cool... yet at the same time i'm just kind of like O_O? WTF i foresee these in the next hentai films.... X( not exactly what i'd wish but oh well. Imagine just walking past someone with those O_O

would be like ...

Ryuu out~

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