Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jin also confirms he is in 47 Ronin

Ryuu here i guess all i'm gonna be doing for a while is updates on Jin (i don't mind :P) and other things but i'll get to that soon enough... suffering from midterms so news is gonna be slow on other artists since i don't manage their pages gomen minna ==

so here it is the tweets

so i think he is in the U.S.A actually who knows it's a movie so it can go anywhere and this is just a lovely tweet

(i know on the YOU&JIN page the times different but this is cos i say these when i woke up but never got round to posting XC)

my thoughts on the movie is: i hope they don't kill it. If anyone searched what the movie is about they'll know it's a powerful story... but then this is hollywood... not many asian meets western films have gotten into my good books when they are made. This being said i hope this job won't kill Jin' image (yes it is important as an artist he needs to maintain it. this is why most of them go insane) but you need to know most of the fans he has are young women. and that being said it's just so frustrating to see some of the shit that comes out of hollywood.

i miss Bakanishi but i hope Akanishi gets to fulfill his dreams of making it world wide. without being brought down by everything around him. I miss the stupidity he had in the older clips. sigh~ and he's only 26 so hopefully he won't want to grow up too fast (i know 26 but still how old was he when he started working :/)

yeah still wanna see the film but thinking about what will happen after

i don't think anyone actually reads my rambles so i have no problem writing them down :P

so that's all for now. since it's slowly getting warmer here in the northern h'sphere i'll post some glorious pics later... still haven't gone to see the sakura blossoms... i think it's too late in the season now... :(

so till later jaaa~

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