Wednesday, April 13, 2011

another update this time with translation ^^

Announcement for the new cast, is none-other than the man popular amongst youngsters, Akanishi Jin. Challenging this work as his Hollywood debut, he acts the role of "Ooishi Chikara". Being the son of Ooishi Kuranosuke (Sanada Hiroyuki), and also an ally of Kai (character of Keanu Reeves), he challenges a very important role.

Auditioning by himself in Hollywood, Akanishi got the role of "Chikara" with his English forte. Training for sword fighting and horse riding, Akanishi overlays this role with his passionate image, even the Director Carl Rinsch praises "No one can take the role as good as him."

Jin's comment in Nikkan Sports, translation by

"The work of such an important theme to Japanese people to be brought to Hollywood's big screen, not to mention in 3D, I'm extremely excited. Being able to act together with Keanu and all the amazing casts, and creating a world-wide film with everyone, it gave me the feeling of fulfillment.

From now on I will examine in my own senses, being able to participate in both music and acting borderlessly world-wide, and extend my limits as I go."

47 Ronin JP homepage
and Nikkan Sports

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