Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh dear~

Ryuu here, looks like this year is gonna be a drag for me TT^TT

well, i won't bother you readers with the boring reason for this

cr for pic... i dunno it was actually on my desktop for a while so i never remembered to go back and look for the uploader but i think if you zoom you can see the water mark...
but anyway
seriously i do miss you :(

well moving on....

Update on news.... er... well by now all you fans would have already heard Kame has been cast once again (because he's that great) as the main star or Dream Boys :D
have i blogged about this already? i wouldn't know

but because i like to i will :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

to tell you the truth i did see this in the back of the Johnny's Countdown concert when Tacky was saying... something don't know what though

Hey Say Jump SUMMARY concert DVD has been released... last week or the week before i think and i have just obtained it :D
so cool love how the venue is so so tiny XD well actually i just like how they've all got solos in this one (sorta)
but still in the process of watching the whole thing TT^TT no time

Oh and in jrock news AYABIE has a more ... colorful new look for their new single "Melody" that is set to release on February 23
also a live DVD of their latest winter tour as "AYABIE" i'm not to sure what the difference was.... sorry
but anyway during Golden Week (April 29- May 5) the film the were involved in will be released called: -縁-enishi
cr: Aramtheydidnt

i was sure i had more Jrock news... but i can't remember it of the top of my head

sigh well this was a depressing post sorry all

but to end it on a pretty note:

the view from the CN Tower at sunset

^^ Ryuu out
(oh and for those who didn't know Jin has been doing concerts in Japan ^^ so proud of him)

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