Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm BAAAACK~ well kind of

Ryuu here, thought i would be gone for longer but guess not

so hows everyone doing? did y'all miss me? since we never get any comments i wouldn't know.

so here i am in Canada... wishing for NZ's my pace kinda lifestyle. I was never a fan of public transport and the fact that i got to take a bus or a train everywhere annoys me T^T
that and the fact that i went to Korea Town and there were NO HOT Korean guys

okay i know i was kinda looking for a Minho ;-P but you know Azunyan do you feel my pain :(

XD anyway too lazy to upload pics so maybe later when SOMEONE gives me my charger back :(

bye bye from -15ºC


oh and did anyone go to Akanishi's concerts in Japan?

okay scratch that i have to put at least ONE pic in :D

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