Monday, September 6, 2010

Well This is Unexpected O.o (pic heavy)

KONICHIWA~~ Ryuu desu!!
Genki desu ka?? i think i really am obsessed with HSJ now since KATTUN isn't really in the news anymore except for scandals.... and SuG)

cr: hanarok (i think this is where you dl these scans if not the heysay.lj fan site has the link)
O.o when i first saw this
it doesn't look like yabu... at all to me... maybe i've watched too many old eps of YYjumping to be honest
but almost everyone in jump looks so much older now ('cept Daichan... he never seems to age... even Chichan is catching up to him TT^TT Chichan is loosing his baby fat :( not happy though he is still kawaii ^^)

hehehe can anyone guess what i should be doing know??
(yup studying [._.] ... )

but i won't study ... wait.... no don't think i will just yet ... so i've come to update a little for all those who like me are a little behind on the news.

So first thing's first I was supposed to do this right AFTERblogtv but i forgot and keep forgetting == my bad

So well the first joined collab with Cece was a fail...sorry to say, Azunyan's internet was lagging at the time (like mine is now) so we are gonna reschedule a broadcast for sometime ...after exams... during the holidays probably (correct me please Azunyan :D)

LM.C!!!! kyaaaaa~!!
short update cos i don't know where i read this again... prolly jpopasian or tokyohive but they are releasing a new album to celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2011 kyaa~ can't wait though i can't buy it :(

but this is great!!! haven't heard a new one from them since GhostHeart and that's just cos i can't listen in to see if they've been touring... ==" silly hole

just like a lot of jap merch it will come in diff versions like i think there is one version that comes with a DVD.... not sure yet will wait and see when it is released but OMG!!!!

Azunyan this is for you though ithink you've already seen it :/


Rock group Alice Nine has been very active at the end of 2010, and they show no intention of slowing down as they announced another new single, “Stargazer.”

The new single will come out on November 10th, and it’s produced by Hajime Okano who has worked with bands such as POLYSICS and L-arc en Ciel. There will be two different editions; Limited DVD type A and regular CD type B. The type A version will have a special cover and will come with a DVD featuring the title track’s music video and making of feature.

A final tracklist and cover have not been released yet, but expect more news in the future as the release date creeps closer!


(preview of pv)

next up AKANISHI JIN is officially off the K(a)TTUN page on Johnny's net and on his own little solo page TT^TT now i will never get to see all six of those boys live together

so this is where y'all should go for updates. yes he is still a Johnny ... but a solo Johnny at that. it has also been released that he will be having more concerts later this year

next news

Miyavi to collab with Good Charlotte

say whaaaa?

yes it is happening for Good Charlotte's upcoming new album this november
Airi and Daddy!!

yup that's miyavi and at the time new born Airi soo cute

who would have thought - :P well prolly all the fan girls out there - that he would be a good dad
but he is doing a joined song with these guys for all those who don't know

yup those guys so...
i actually wonder how it's gonna sound though... i was a good charlotte fan... from before like you know the old stuff they did before good morning revival?
yeah that sound
though i have become a pop fan (just not a huge one) so i'm hoping this collab will turn out good or there will be a lot of unhappy fans... from both sides

sigh sigh

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