Tuesday, August 31, 2010


NYAAAA Ryuu here

i am so gutted i can't go!!! WHYYYYYY!!!!

i can't believe it so close yet so far and i can't even get their album cos it cost waaaay too much for shipping!!! =="

Visual Kei group, SuG, will be putting out their DVD single “Mujyouken

Koufukuron” on November 17th and to promote the release, they have decided to go on a one man tour, “SuG Standing Onemanshow ‘crazy “LIVE” coaster.‘”

The band recently held a concert on August 29th, at the Shibuya’s CC L

emon Hall, which brought 2,000 fans together. They announced the news of the new tour during the live show

s encore, much to the delight of the screaming fans.

“Mujyouken Koufukuron” will be available in two different editions. Th

e Type A ed

ition will come with a DVD with offshots from their recent live in Singapore, as well as a pocket calendar for January-June of next year. The Type B edition will come with behind the scenes footage of the recording and jacket photography with the members, as well as the second half of the calendar for 2011.

Their tour will start on December 14th an Nagoya’s E.L.L., before heading to the OSAKA MUSE on the 15th, and finishing up at SHIBUYA-AXI on the 18th. Tickets go

on sale November 21st.

SuG Standing Onemanshow「crazy “LIVE” coaster」

December 14th – Aichi – Nagoya E.L.L.
OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30

December 15th – Osaka – OSAKA MUSE
OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30

December 18th – Tokyo – SHIBUYA-AX
OPEN 16:30 / START 17:30

cr: tokyohive.com


I can't believe this nooooo!! sigh and it would've been awesome to go since it's the beginning of christmas break then tooo


someone buy me tickets.... to japan and for the concert much love :P

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