Monday, August 30, 2010

Blah Blah Blah on and on... -_-; wth...

Piiyaaaa~~ !( >o<)~ノ☆

Minnasan genki desuka? Azumi desuu~~! ☆
Just to update/rant/spazzz~

POPTEEN OCT 2010 Mag cover update!
Yeah yeah~ Ive never done this b4~~ but this one got me excited!! Not to say i don't like Kumikki on Popteens cover but I kinda feel that there should be other models on the cover too~ so I was reallly excited when I saw this on other gyaru-gals blogs~~

Okaeri-chan on the cover of Popteen~!! ♪

Its such a coincidence that I've been following her blog recently~! Shes soo cute! kyaa~! keke

On another note~~ as Ryuu-chan has mentioned in the previous post~ Both of us and Sara-chan hung on together on Sat!! Heres the purikura we took~ I have cut out/blanked out Sara's face as she wants her privacy~ ^^;

Yeah~~ Ryuu-chan has our other pics on her cam so~~ wen/if I get them >A<>

Hmm heres some gyaru Okaeri pics spam from her blog~

Anyways~~ (* - -)ノ We have our exams soon~ soo please wait for us ne! ☆


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