Monday, August 30, 2010

Random thoughts and sorta apology

=='' ryuu desuuu~~~
minna so tired i don't think i have the energy to really pic spam post today, the next two weeks for Aunyan and I are gonna be busy with our midyear exams coming up (yes it's not really the middle of the year but apparently the minister of education can't count)

anyway short update Azunyan, our other Musketeer andI went to town on Saturday, thoroughly good fun since it'd been a while since we went anywhere together

wow did i start this post off odd....

anyway moving on
i would like to say as an obvious surfer of the internet and as of this year?? a blogger that i feel really bad for bloggers that upload scans and videos then people steal them with no credits.
this isn't a full on rage cos i sometimes lose the people's names who upload so i'm also in the wrong but i do ask and i know i only have a few sources (cough google cough) like the Hey Say Community on LJ. a lot of translators for mags are going BYE BYE cos people don't credit them or they steal their translations and claim it as their own.

for those uploaders i want to say: Sorry for not crediting you cos i forget things a lot but all photos or vids which are yours please tell us if we haven't credited it properly (drop a comment i don't use my email) so we can fix that.

for those that steal well, please stop, onegai, i like reading the translations posted mostly cos i can't read japanese... at all ... but if you keep doing that all the free reading sites will be gone and the fandoms will decrease :(


that's all from me today... =3='

i will leave you a screen cap of Takebu as a happy end to a rather boring post

credits.... my vlc player for finally showing me how to use screen cap :P this is the alterna vid i think really old but good when their music was a little darker than what it is now.

OH AND DID EVERYONE REMEMBER TO SAY HAPPY BDAY TO MATSUJUN ._. i kinda forgot until this afternoon my bad, gomen for that too.....
wow you've come a long way since Gokusen ^^ well done, your face is still really funny too XP

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