Tuesday, August 24, 2010

*Shockgasphorror* Another band disbands.. (;´д` )

Yo minna~ Azu desu~ ☆

I wasnt prepared for what I just read a few minutes ago~ 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。

I mean seeing Miku (An Cafe- I can bring myself to say EX cos theyre on HIATUS!!) in his new band LC5 this afternoon was a blow to my day already~~

But.......this?!?!?! *sob* TT^TT My heart literally skipped a beat~

One of my FAV FAV FAV bands are breaking up....

More details here: Tokyohive~
I have loved every song they have released and watch them grow stronger and better as musicians~ seeing this really broke my heart~
Though I know they are moving on to a better future~ I can't help but feel sad and a little angry~ For the sake of the fans they couldnt have had a LAST LIVE!?!?! Sure they MIGHT have had their differences~ But they can't even last for a few hours? *end rant* I guess Im not thinking logically now~ *siggh*
At the end of the day, I would wanna be a true fan and support them all the way~ through to the future~ So heres a toast to the NEW future! AYABIE~ tho we will miss you guys as ONE~ we also want to see you guys go far not a=only as musicians but also as individuals! Ganbare~! o(●´ω`●)o ♪
Heres their last and latest PV- Dramatic


-Yumehito (G), Kenzo(Dr), Intetsu(B) and Takehito (G) will be creating a new band.

- Aoi's solo single MI DA RA will be released on the 2010.9.8.

Heres the Translation of Aoi's thoughts

credits for translation: @Tokyohive

“Dear everyone (fans),
I’m sorry for late report from me. Although I kind of knew, I could not take their decision. I could not say a word, and my tears didn’t stop as I was childish.

As to the withdrawal of the four members, we have talked about it many many times. If I lost Ayabie, I was sure I would also lose the core of my life. However, I am the only member of Ayabie now. I cannot think about what to do for the future, but to me, I cannot think of Ayabie without Aoi, Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, and Kenzo. I can’t continue as Ayabie by myself, nor getting new members.
I’m thinking about how I can repay you (fans). Even if I’m alone, I want to hold a last live (performance) as Ayabie to apologize to you. I’m sorry for betraying your warm feelings about us.
I heard they (other four members) are making a new band. Although I’m not a part of it, I will sure want to cheer for them, because it’s a music by people I love.
I will make an announcement about the future as soon as possible. I will try to go see you no matter what.Thank you for loving Ayabie. “Thank you” is the only word I can say to you now.
I’m sorry for what happened. I am really sorry. Thank you for the many comments. I read all of them, and it made me feel that I’m not alone. I shouldn’t betray your love. You gave me courage to stand up.
Let me say it one more time,
Thank you very much.”

On the official blog of Aoi, it says that the future of Ayabie has not been decided yet. Although there are not many choices left, Aoi still didn’t want to say “disbandment” yet.

I think that I'm happy that he's ot disbanding and that they have an idea about the future~ soo GOOD LUCK~! You have my support till the end~~

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