Friday, August 20, 2010

Mwarrrr~!!! Music please~!! ♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ”

Konbanwa~!!! (*・ェ・*)ノ~☆♪
You can probably guess who it is by now~ www...
Azumi desuuyo

Its the time of the month!! Music~! (^-^)ン
This month I've been listening quite heavily to Jrock~There are so many new Oshare Kei bands coming out these days IMO~! Wheeee~!! kkk
Well here is the Jrock edition of the TOP 5 most played songs of this month~! ☆)゚д゚)

If you have been following my FB~ You'd know that I have fallen absolutely in love with Plastic Tree~! And not only because of Ryutaro! tho he's reallly hot! LMAO

So here it is~!

1) Plastic Tree- Sanatorium

2) SUG- Five Stars
(Ryuupyon and I can't stop squealling~! The dance is sooo adorableee!! ε-(;-ω-`A))

3) ALiBi- イエローバナナサーフィングー
Omgee kawaiii!!(≧ω≦)

4) SCANDAL- Namida no Regret
My favourite band atm~! They are sooo awesome!! *gush*

5) The Kiddie -ポプラ

Hora~! Done! hehe~ [・ω・`*]Well its been reallly cold and wet this past few days~ but then again that Auckland weather for you~! (;′Д`)φ Well I do hope I don't get ANOTHER cold -_-; I got caught in the rain again~ pluuu~ (・_・”) I've been having so many this term that I think my immunity must be wasted へ(><)" どうして!!!

Anyways I think that Ryuu-chan and Hana-chan is coming over on Tuesday coz we have a short day at sch~!!!★☆ So we might go blogtv with Cece-chan~! Please look forward to it~! ALSO Im cutting Ryuu-chan's hair~~ I hope it goes okay~ *fingers crossed*

Okie Pic spammy time~! Ryutaroooo! He's hot okay?? ><"

Jyaa~ Exams are coming up soon so I don't Ryuu-chan adn I will be able to blog much~! (p・Д・;)
Though one of us will blog about Tuesday~! Wheee~!
Oyasumi! xox
P.S:Hanna-chans first month anni~!! yatta!! omedetou! xxxx

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