Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BABY AND ME~ it's so cute!!!

Ryuu here on another movie talk time post,
my internet is already dead :( sigh but i will tryto finish this post with lots and lots and LOTS ofpictures :DDDDD

Wow Azunyan watched the bad boy movie and i watched the heart warming cute movie... the roles have reversed O.o (but i still wanna watch Bandage!!!)

Okay so i won't go on a Jin spazz now :P time to do some Jang Guen Suk spazzing ^^!!!

So i watched You're Beautiful which is a very recomendedKdrama if your looking for some romance/comedy dramato watch,it is so good :D
Anyway Jang Guen Suk is the lead guy for the movie Baby and Me (which was made a few years before You'reBeautiful)

Baby and Me
is really good with the choice of characters and screen shots (thank you film study for ruining my viewing experiencethe first time i watched)
Jang Guen Suk

plays the character Jjong -Soo, (don't quote me i can't remember the full name or the spelling cos i can't be bothered flicking back and forth through the windows :P imma lazy today)
not only does he play the "bad boy" again but he's the bad boy who looks after one of the cutest kids i have ever seen ( i am still a fan of Yooguen from SHINee Hello Baby)
this is Mun Mason sooo cuuute!! he's like half Korean Half Canadian ^∆^ ADORABLE!!!

isn't he adorable kyaaaa~~~! ^∆^
the 'father' and son

i won't do a plot synopsis cos i don't wanna spoil it for those whohaven't watched it but instead i will.... what will i do?? post more pics i guess :P hope you all don't mind

don't y'all think this kid is cute???!!!
i would LOVE to look after a kid like this (not my own right now cos i don't think i'm ready for that O______O;;)

guys who aren't afraid to be dads
kyaaa love~

the many faces of Jang Guen Suk (though i think these are all from You're Beautiful)
it's so cute how his mouth

anyway it was recommended to me that i should watch this other Korean Variety show (since i have been watching Idol Maknae Rebellion) called "Hot Brothers" or something like that. Does anyone know where i can watch it? because i can't seem to find it anywhere
or this other drama which translates roughly to "couple or trouble" i don't know, i lost the paper i wrote the names on.
silly me

wow almost midnight and i have a physics thing i should be studying for.... i might get to it... or just go to bed... hmmmn or watch HSJ concert again... not sure which one sounds better at the moment....

Gomen ne i can't seem to think straight so i am just gonna leave it at that

Anyone with anyone recommend i watch

Mischievous Kiss Aka 장난스런 키스

i don't know if i should...

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