Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BANDAGE- Akanishi JIN/Natsu Takasugi

Minna~! Konbanwa~! (ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ
Azumi again~!

Genki genki genki desu ka?? kekeke... for those who have watched it, it might give you a clue about the movie i've just watched/cried/loved/died with~ (# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ

Yes I have finally watched Jin's movie!!

BANDAGE [2010]

It was soo awesome!! I have no words to describe Jin's sexy/badass/hot acting! Omg IMO he's the PERFECT character to potray Natsu, the lead singer of the fictional band LANDS!!

No this is not a review...but just my random thoughts about it...

Yes I admit! I watched this movie just because JIN was in it~ (I missed him ((*T_T)- he's an ex member from the Japanese idol group KATTUN btw if you don't know who he is~raaage YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS!!!??? ) ^-^"

The synopsis and review can be read
here~! (<-- yes im really proud of myself! LOL i just figured out how to do this -_-;) When I first started watching the movie.. I was like "Pfft what is so interesting about the Japan Music Industry in the 1990's?" and only focused (like a proper fangirl) JIN!

But as I watched and rewatched the movie it pulled me in! Through the trials and different which comes with overnight stardom and being a rookie band~~ Im a total converted fan!! LOL~ yes I also plan on taking a papre on Japanese culture next year! わぁヽ(∇⌒ヽ) I love all the songs from the movie!

They have also got an album called LANDS- Olympos! ♪

My favourite song that is such a soft spot for me is Genki!! Theres two versions which I love to bits!! Kyaaa JIN~! My fav part...

"ああ 許せないだろう
ほら 元気 
お前の声で 歌いだせ"

@credits Moonlightunes

Anywayss... I have been down lately and this movie didnt help me at all!! JINemo-ingnesss... ><"


P.S: I think Ryuu-chan MIGHT do another movie not-so-review-like post next time~!

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