Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Broadcast

yo been a while
so Azunyan and i had our first joint Blogtv show and it was such a fail... i really need to work out how to stop my sound from coming out five seconds after i say it... might be cos of the tiny bandwidth i have :( any one want to shout me some XD
jks jks

did anyone tune into it?? yeah it was on at a random time so not sure if anyone knew about it...
so update on me....

it feels like all i do these days is listen to SuG, Hey!Say!JUMP, and SHINee....
i should widenmy range for a little
oh and the new KAT TUN album Going!
yeah i find Koki's solo hilarious to listen to yeah those who have heard it know why

hmmmn well i haven't really been doing much... schools pretty much my life since it's almost time to graduate and all the crazy drama of getting entry requirements is the biggest priority at the moment so to end this random ramble off i will leave you some random pics from the net ^^ of the 4 bands i have beenlistening to lately

so you all should know SuG by now i've been blogging about them :P if you don't go and listen to them they are awesome. light music if you ever feel you need some pick me up sounds ^^ their new music video is so fun to watch

this is SHINee during their Hello Baby recording ^∆^ kyaa so cute Minho was like the perfect dad
oh yeah on SHINee random ramble i watched the 4 eps where they show up in Idol Maknae Rebellion
so funny i love how into 'destroying' the MakBanShi they are it's adorable

hmmn and i think everyone already knows most of the KAT TUN stuff so i can't be bthered finding more ><" still sad about Jin leaving (i know it's been like a month... maybe less? that he has left but WHY!!!!????) so i don't want to post any pics up of them today

and last but not least my second fave ish Johnny's group :P just cos i need some cute music to listen to:
i will leave you with some scans i had found and now i can't remember where i googled searched them from :/ i'm sorry to the person who scanned these up... if you see this please leave a comment so i can credit you properly :( gomen ne but i am prety sure that they came form the hey say community off lj esp uploaders like hanarok.lj and tomo_rose.lj where i find them most ... so credits to those two cos i know they upload these magazines too (these were found on google the scans can be found on the actual peoples lj's)
don't they all look cute with glasses and check out this next pic layout :D
i wil make these large cos i find it adorable XD though i feel sorry that Yuto was cut like that :P

ja ne minna ^^

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