Friday, August 13, 2010


Yo! Minna~~

Azumimiii here~(゚∀゚ll)━ン!!! How are you guys??

m(.__.)m gomen I havnt blogged in awhile~~ I have been sick~ the usual fluu~ (ー○ー)=3

Still got a yucky cough but other than that im recovered 98% Bleh~~ (つд-。)

Anywayss~~ Just another rant~ (>△<;;)

Meh~!Its quite hard to do coordi's from Gal mags cos our seasons are the OPPOSITE of each other!! ><".... AND we don't have our own fashion sense!! (;≧皿≦)

Everytime I go to the shops I die~~ Everything is either very VERY plain/overpriced/crap/and SHIT! (・A・)Damnnn youuu shopssss!!!!! Yeah~ the clothes don't deserve HALF the price we pay for them! ugh!! Im soo glad Im going on hols at the end of this yr~! o(●´ω`●)o♪ Or else I'd dieee~!!! Well... Im hoping it'd be SUPA cheap~ and SALES SALES SALES beckoning mee~!

*Im hopeful* x3

Gaaaah very faill~~~ (´A`。) Anyways...rant over~~ (>д<;)

ttyl guys just to let you know im still aliiive~~


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