Friday, March 11, 2011

OMG JAPAN earthquakes and tsunami's for the whole of the ring of fire~

sigh Ryuu here (_ _)

i think you've all heard but last night Japan was hit by a tsunami and an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9

the whole thing is devastating enough and the whole nuclear reactor, fires and crumbling buildings makes their situation worse.

what is up with all these disasters... 2011 not a good year it seems... reminds me of one of these saying that the old asians (don't know if it's all but y'know) DON'T PICK 11 as an important date for you... why? because they look like legs in a coffin.... i don't even know random old people saying.

== i hope that they are all going to be fine. japan is more prepared for these things than Christchurch or Hawaii. but there is too many disasters that are going to happen ... another tsunami is said to hit Japan in 24hrs (heard it on the news though don't know if it's confirmed)

hoping for all my friends who are in Japan to stay safe and of course everyone i hope they will also be fine

JE boys too (and other celebs hoping for their safety)
here is a list of the boys and how they are at the moment

omg though Tatchan collapsed and Hikaru's house has also been swept away. no news on their families but i hope they are fine

i hope everyone now will be fine

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