Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MEGAMIND is funny

me again~ ^^

went to see Megamind with two of my friends today, had to say when i first heard of it i was like Oo? ehhhh...

but on a friends recommendation we went and watched it :D

it was sooo funny, have to say the fact that it kinda turned romancey half way through was like er.... sigh =3= but other than that it was pretty good

but Megamind is just adorable in that childish way XD, i won't say what happened in the movie in case you readers haven't watched it yet but i do recommend it if any of you are the type who love a little light cartoon comedy.

On another note, do y'all remember the labels i made for Aquenishi Lovejuice? well the kind myvrocks382 has done me a huge favor and actually place it on a bottle since i have absolutely no idea how to do a proper picture edit and i have no photoshop either ==" soooo annoying since i want to put more pics up here but i can' be bothered doing them up on an edit site online

so here it is in all it's lovely glory Aquenishi LOVEJUICE

(do not steal, i watermarked it so YOU HAVE TO CREDIT *stare* ^^ thank you)

So that's a quick update from me, still surfin around for Vivi... probably should check on tumbler or baidu or something == eating bandwidth...

Ryuu out ^^

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