Monday, December 20, 2010

I Got Nothing Better To Do (pic heavy)

Ryuu desu~
not sure if i need to keep posting that since i'm the only one posting at the moment
oh well....

can't really think of much to post... but since i'm only going to be active (properly) for the next 2 weeks (i'm going time traveling tooooooooo~)

so since we are doing first this week i shall post some life rambles ^^

Lately i've been into taking pictures of inanimate objects... i find it easier than having a model pose for me.... i know it's sad but i dunno it's just ... fun?

here are the pictures i took today (yes i am a beginner please don't kill me [¬ _¬]... )

oh and i have water marked all the pics in this post, but if you take any pictures please credit us... i hate seeing people not credited and it creates problems for fans

so ONEGAI orz
i wonder if i spelt that right
i love back lighting when it's on an angle, it's just so pretty
working with different contrasts and exposer
i can't figure out how to focus on one thing and let the others go blurry yet... i just have a simple digital camera ==
i love the cat and the dragon figures ^^

Can anyone guess who this is :D?
One of my fav photos, extreme right side lighting and some back lighting on top of my printer made this :D i find it pretty
can anyone guess what they are??? :D
yes if you do THEY'RE SO AWESOME and to those who don't they're Dragon Ball Z knuckle bones XD

yes i am that lame that i have DBZ knucklebones but i love the anime... kinda the first that i watched (that and Sailor Moon)

sigh, still need to find the Vivi mag scans for Jin's Interview... but can't be bothered surfin == it's so HUMID, like walking through very warm water on a hot day XC not fun, not fun at all.

drop a comment i wanna know what y'all think of the pics or just what you think in general ^^

Ryuu out

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