Sunday, April 3, 2011

These hate groups make me lol

Seriously what is up with these hate groups. I myself don't hold all celebs (or people in my 'like' category, but to create groups and such just to say you hate them... isn't that just stupid? it's just like that UCLA chick who decided to post the reasons why she hates asian ... okay hers was just like O_o???? fully but any of these hate groups are the same.
The way you start them only means people will end up hating on you or you start something that would definitely end up causing more problems to the rest of the world ==

what brings this on well this page that was called to my attention through disgruntled Chinen fans on facebook

what are their reasons you ask well....

and yes i do wonder about this child's grammar (i know mine not that great when i blog here but i do try when it comes down to it - _-) and similarly we have the Yamada haters...

actually we just got haters... it's quite funny actually what they post but seriously like i said if you don't like them don't troll it out for ages it's just silly and it doesn't make any difference.

*shakes head at the kids these days*

well what ever as long as they are doing well they'll get the haters too. just like the anti jpop or kpop fans... if you don't like them DON'T LISTEN TO THEM? are they copying each other? probably that's what the industry is? even with in each of the genres they are copies of each other. why do you think they are successful or unsuccessful? they have people who are working out how to MARKET these groups for money and the name = = some people should look into the whole industry more

oh well what ever whenever
this post is just tiring me out :P

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