Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Aquenishi time~

Ryuu desu~ lol seems Azunyan has blogged... i mean messaged (gomen ne Azunyan it's soooo short XD)

but truthfully mines not gonna be any bigger cos i can't seem to get myself to do a proper post

If anyones been following the You&Jin Pages you've all prolly heard that Akanishi Jinjin is now in a new record label, yea a new LABEL ==" why is everybody freakingout and asking why he's been dropped by JE but no JE is his LABEL!!!!
anyway since he is now on the Warners Music Group label international fans probably will be able to get his work easier (actually it only looks like the USA will have the easiest time since he is doing the most work there)
but still happy that he's now being shunned by the rest of the world.

for that i made a little gift for those who want to do something festive this year to their bottles :D:D:D:D:D

yeah i know, i watched the interview with the "Aquenishi" comment and felt it was fitting for a drink brand lol ^ ___^~!!!!

hehehehe and anyone who watched the UTB music talk knows the real reason for the name Lovejuice

On an entirely different note from my fangirling

and i made a poncho/ small blanket/ i don't know

^^ that was pretty much all i've been doing

OH and watching FAMILY OUTING
one of the funniest korean varieties i've ever watched :)

but i think i'm running out of ramble =]
so Azunyan your post next

Ryuu out yo~

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