Saturday, December 25, 2010

I love me Ice Cream

Ryuu here on this blissfuly boring day

thought i might blog but really much going on since it's the holidays and all.

at the moment i'm waiting for the Hey! Say! JUMP SUMMARY concert dvd since they said it's coming out but still won't be able to buy it until i get a job ==
that and the KAT TUN live 2010 (was it GOING?) DVD

:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D and JinJin is to releas a dvd and new single/pv too~!
can't wait for all these JE stuff

wish my Jrock news would be better too but at the moment not hearing anything from my sources all gone for a holiday/hiatus

So today i guess i'll just share what i did... and that's pretty much ate ice cream

this one:

a Melona bar from Korea~ it's good, really full on rock melon taste. I've also had the banana? or was it mango not sure and strawberry.... can't remember but i know iate one that had a pink wrapping and another with a yellow wrapping from the same brand

then straight after i had some Vanilla ice cream (nothing special just the plain stuff out of a tub) XP can't help but think these holidays i'm gonna gain waaaay more than i planned with the way i'm eating at the moment.

anyway wish Azunyan was around :(

Ryuu out

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