Thursday, May 6, 2010

ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Better late than never~~

Konbanwa Mina~!ヾ ^∇^ー♪

Azu desuu~!♪

Nyaaa taking a break from BORING!T^T doushiyo??

Anyways hows mina?? Goood?? Gomena ive been letting Ryuu-chan do all the posting~!

Schools been busy lately~~YABAI~! σ(TεT;)

Anywaysss i wanna introduce some of my fav fav music atm~! Yatta~!

1. Music: My absolute FAV to the max songs ATM is form the Japanese Oricon Charts~~
I just visit JpopAsia~! \|*≧Д≦|>

a) YUI~! She has just releasedd a new album "To Mother" and she is AWESOME~! She is one of the first singers i listened to when i started in JPOP.

Fun Fact: She doesnt smile in her photoshoots as she thinks she looks fat .__." I wonder whoo agrees with her >__>" LOL~!

b) Aiko~! My Japanese friend Yumi introduced me to her music and the first song we listened to was KissHug~!<3>

Go listen yo~! (finger crossed i poated it right- Still new to blogger~! ><)

c) Hey Say JUMP!'s Htomi no Screen~~ Both Ryuu and I always randomly burst out into Hitomi no Screen dance and song and everyone just looks on weirdly <__<...>__> kekeke σ(TεT;)

My fav is Ryosuke and Hikaru~! kyaaaaa (top row 2nd from left: Hikaru & Right in themiddle: Yamada <3)ヾ(;☆ω☆)

Nyaa~~! soo Cute~! Anyways i will post again tommorrow as we plan to have a "photoshoot" in school~! A funny and silly one (we havent had one this year~!) LoL~!

Jaa mina~!

Oyasumi~! == zzZ

xoxo Azumi|≡ヾ(´∀`)ノイッテラッサ〜イ☆

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